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Californian massage

Depending on my availability, I offer you a Californian massage.

This massage, also called "the touch of the heart", is done on a massage table with massage oil.

It consists of a global approach and a psycho-corporal awakening. It uses long, slow and enveloping movements which allow physical and psychological relaxation. 

Great gentle and mothering smoothings follow one another to relieve tension, they can also bring out emotions stored in body memory. The more the person being massaged lets themselves go, the more they will open up to the benefits of massage.

I massage on Monday or Sunday every other week.

Preferably, remember to book your session in advance.

Depending on the season and the weather, the session will take place by the swimming pool, in the garden or in your gîte if calm is guaranteed (absence of other people in the gîte).


60-minute massage: €60

90-minute massage: €90

Californian massage
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